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Jacque Straps
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  Jacque Acoustic Guitar Strings
Acoustic Guitar Strings Item #JAS-m

Acoustic Strings

Price $10.00 

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  Jacque Guitar Straps
The Jacque Straps are the longest and most comfortable strap in the galaxy. They are made in america, well  Chicago, and thats close. We use the finest quality seat belt material available. Our ends are made of authentic leather. Jacque's original "Black Hills Special", is the lush color of a "Black Diamond", the rarest of all jewels. Also available in ebony and road tar.  
The other color we call "Hi Ho Silver"  in honor of Uncle Jacques long time friend, Jay Silverheals. in addition to being the Lone Ranger's sidekick, Jay was also a medicine man for his native Sew tribe. We honor him and his tribe with his own guitar strap.


Price $18.00 

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  Panama Jacque Guitar Polish
PanamaJacque Guitar polish, just shoing the label.......... A must buy for just the label.The polish is slicker than snot/

Price $8.00 

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  Sea Turtles
Sea Turtles swimming through an ocean of blue ... Awesome

Price $30.00