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Charming prints from .."Prints Charming"..... you'll love our crap

This will  definately get me promoted to Rear Admiral as my work is Admirable! We specialize in novelty ideas for shirts, mugs and  anything else we can print on. Give us a project and 48 hours & we'll give you a zinger of an Idea. A sick mind is a terrible thing to waste. We'll spend more in the alcohol we consume than we make on any sales.

Great for vacation shots, family gatherings & special ocasions, or just someone that pisses you off .... we got your mugs. let us put your favorite memories on a coffee mug or shirt. Just a hint, Vasectomy photos are not such a good idea. Check back in a few days & you will be dazed! 


Thats me first mate and he is no galie boy if you get my drift!  Wouldnt that mug look great on a coffee mug? Just send us your mug shots & we'll take care of the rest.

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