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Endless Summer


I dedicate this section to all the parrotheads in the galaxy, evryone appreciates MILPH'S .............. "Milph Mania" started in Milford Michigan in 2007 and has taken on a life of it's own. We will offer many drinkits oops, trinkets, for the true fan of summer, the beach, Pynia Coladas, Margaritas and not growing up.
Bare with me, this page and this site is undergoing tremendous changes daily and the store is now open for business


Arrrrr, Captain Jacque Peckerhead at your service. Please vote for me for Rear Admiral. This summer has been  a hoot (and many Hoot-ers)partying with and singing to many of you Parrotheads  in Tampa, West Palm, Cleveland. Indianapolis, Chi- Town, Detroit, Cinncinnatti, P-Burgh, Milwaukee. Be on the lookout you never know where he will show up next."Furburgers In Parrotise" for evryone.


Key West Katie
Thank the lord that Katie was drunk enough to
not know who she was standing next to...
A fine MILPH that definately Rocked the Motor
City & gave the Parrotheads something to dream
about all winter.  Detroit was SO much fun,
Jimmy's security came out and asked us to
stop playing....... The parrotheads didnt
want to go into the concert, they wanted to
hang with the Peckerhead & Katie.... Thats my story!
Everybory loved Katie.....Especially in her Key West Keister Shorts

Ckick here to see what we have in store for you.


Siesta Key Suzie 
A MILPH that is as crazy on the inside......
 as she is beautiful on the outside.
Suzie proudly models the MILPH SHIRT.
The Parrotheads swarmed around
Suzie like she was the Queen Bee.
Definately tore up Milwaukee.... and she's
A Packer Fan Too!!!!!!

Pirate Scott, Indiapolis




Pirate Scott in Indianapolis, the Key West of the Midwest. Scott is a Costume and

makeup artist extrordinare.... As a matter of fact, Scott is so good, he is actually a she

If you need ant Costumular stuff  look her/ him up!

Follow her at